Lauren​ N Denler

Artist Statement

       I have always found the human body as one of the most spectacular forms of art. Each human has their own unique vessel that is capable of countless personal actions and expressions, ultimately constructing the form’s natural beauty. Through my ceramic and sculptural work, I have focused on the physical attributes of the human form and its anatomical structure as well as portraying positive and negative aspects of daily human life through significant materials. My work forces the viewers to have a visceral experience with the subject matter of the “body,” while they also question my conceptual themes. Over the course of the past four years, I have concentrated on the internal and external conflicts within our environment regarding the human body and mind. Despite the beauty of the human form, we are not perfect and have become the source of destruction to our bodies and nature. Some of my works focus on the damaging psychological aspects many people endure regarding their own bodies, specifically the negative and uncomfortable emotions that body image generally provokes. Aside from the psychological struggles, keeping one’s body physically healthy has also been a recent issue within our processed, plastic and chemical-based society. Therefore, I have been intrigued by the impact of natural and unnatural products on and within the human body that we unknowingly expose ourselves to every day. By placing toxic and natural products directly on the human form, the bareness provides a surreal perspective of actually seeing these products at one’s core. In addition, I have also carefully chosen materials for my sculptural works, as they are all momentous to their underlying meanings. My use of unconventional media not only adds to the visual interest of the physical structure but also compliments my conceptual vision of the work.

       I have used the human body as an outlet because of its beauty, but more importantly for the recognizable and relatable connection it creates with the viewers through its physical form. The physical structure of the human form regarding my work, both realistic and minimalistic, has become the perfect passage for my intended conceptual themes due to the physical works’ familiarity to the audience. Providing the conceptual idea of a work to the viewers, in my opinion, takes away their opportunity to critically analyze and interpret their own meaning of the work. However, when the viewers are initially able to visually understand the physical form, they are guided by my conceptual representation through the structure, but are still able create an intimate relationship with the work through their personal analysis and interpretation.

-Lauren Denler